Fostering connections by enabling authentic expressions of fandom through dynamic commerce

GFX products
GFX products
GFX products


gfx empowers every fan to wear, display, hold, or share official AND personal branded products

Fans connect with our clients to browse, personalize, purchase, and receive their “one-of-one” products

Clients design products aligned with their brand guidelines, including setting rules for customization

Fans personalize and order products through online or IRL retail stores

Orders are manufactured-on-demand and drop-shipped to fans “from” the client

Real-time insights and customer reports drive changes in demand


gfx tools and technology enable clients to offer on-demand products and individualized shopping experiences


Customization Engine:

clients and their fans can co-create personalized expressions of fandom

Brand Safety:

fans can personalized within preset boundaries enforced through automation and moderation

Consumer Insights:

detailed analytics and and SKU-level reports inform real-time response to changes in demand


Print, Order Processing, and Fulfillment:

eliminate inventory management through network of leading direct-to-garment printers and fulfillment services

Custom Ecommerce Setup / Integration:

white-label e-comm, specialized shopping experiences (in-venue, in-store pick-up, etc.), or custom print and fulfillment

Creative Services:

product design, program strategy, campaigns launches, and Interactive Style Guides

WHY gfx

Scalable, asset-lite services enable clients to deepen fan relationships through the power of direct-to-consumer commerce

Seamless collaboration with existing licensees, retailers, agencies, manufacturers, creators, influencers, and more

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Individualized shopping experience supports premium pricing and drives incremental revenue

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Direct-to-consumer commerce built on top of design and product controls, scalable customization, and just-in-time manufacturing

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Fan-created combinations of images, slogans, logos, figures, colors, and personalized text/images

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Safeguard brand integrity through the development of Interactive Style Guides and safety tools

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Access to brand name apparel and print-on-demand and fulfillment partners

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Unique insights into customer engagement (designs and orders) provides rich data to drive creative decisions of merchandise


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